We have published a Library of “THE PURE WORD OF GOD” on this site given freely by The Holy Spirit to Brother John T. Hendricks, who has been in Heaven since the year 2000. This is a totally donated labor of love by Brother John and this board.


Brother John Hendricks

Brother John T. Hendricks was an Apostle, Preacher, Teacher, and a Rabbi to the Gentiles from the time he accepted Jesus – Yeshua Ha Mashiach – as his Lord and Saviour at age 22. Brother John was first and foremost an Evangelist whose purpose was to spread the Gospel to the World, especially Israel, as both of his parents were of Jewish Faith. Brother John’s earthly father was a doctor.

Brother John T. Hendricks was a graduate of Nyack Bible College where he received a strong foundation in the Word of God, and from which he received his Ordination. When asked to start a Bible College in Akron, Ohio at age 75, his answer was, “Bless God, I just asked The Father to let me be part of ONE MORE MOVE OF GOD, before He takes me home.”

Akron Shalom Ministries was formed, to which Brother John T Hendricks gave his time and energy over his last five years, before he joined that great cloud of witnesses in the year 2000. He was a tireless student of scripture, and enthusiastically shared his gleanings with the world. The power of the precious blood of the cross and the Revelation knowledge of the glory of the Lord will “Bless your heart and liver too” (his pet saying).

The purpose of Akron Shalom Bible Learning Center is to preserve, publish and promote the Word of God which was given to Brother John T Hendricks freely by The Holy Spirit. Brother John T Hendrick’s work is based on the King James Bible and is not Copyrighted. He asked that you feel free to copy and share correctly with all.

Our Board of Directors

Geneva Chervenic

President Director

After establishing and operating a successful real estate Company for many years, Geneva received a Bachelor of Divinity degree at age 65 and started another career. Geneva was ordained by Shalom Ministry, Inc. in 2013. A non-profit Bible School was started in her home under the direction and covering of Brother John T Hendricks, along with many saints of God, too many saints to mention.

Geneva has been blessed to be part of Global Outpouring, formerly Endtime Handmaidens and Servants, an International Christian Organization, as well as Women’s Aglow, Summit County National Day of Prayer and others. At age 88, Geneva’s long-term goal is to PRESERVE, PUBLISH, and PROMOTE the work of the late Brother John T. Hendricks by way of the worldwide web for the purpose of sharing The Gospel freely with the world.

Eileen Fitzgerald

Dean & Editing Director

Eileen holds a B.A. in Psychology from Case Western Reserve University, an M.A. and Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology with a Minor emphasis in Counseling from Ohio State University, and a Doctorate in Christian Education from Shalom Bible College & Seminary, through which she was ordained to minister. Dr. Fitzgerald has a love for Israel and the Hebrew language which she has been studying at Case Western Reserve University – Siegal Lifelong Learning Center for many years.

Her greatest joys are traveling to Israel where she can focus on the biblical mandate to “pray for the peace of Jerusalem” (Psalm 122:6), and to teach others about the Jewish Roots of Christianity. She also serves as President of the Northeast Ohio Branch of Global Outpouring, formerly Endtime Handmaidens and Servants, a prayer ministry with strong ties to Israel.

Nancy Heston

Secretary & Program Director

Nancy is an R.N. graduate of Akron University School of Nursing. She continues to grow in the knowledge of caring for the physical body as well as restoration of the soul. Sharing freely with others the things that she gleans from ongoing research is one of her passions. As a widow and mother of four, Nancy moved from Colorado back to Northeast Ohio where she was blessed to have sat with her children under the teaching of Brother John Hendricks.

Her service to help preserve his work has been a totally donated labor of love. Nancy says, “I am humbled and immensely blessed to be a small part of bringing you Pastor John Hendricks’ body of Pure Truth from the Word of God. Enjoy, as I have, the blessing of sitting under this humble man’s teachings.”

Michelle Bryant

Michelle Bryant

Director of Missions

Michelle received a B.A. in Ministerial studies from Akron Shalom Bible College. She has a Certificate in Systematic Theology from The House of The Lord where she is a licensed Minister. Michelle has over seventeen years of leadership, ministerial, and community service. She serves as an interim leader for Nursing Homes to bring light and love to our elderly.

She is a dedicated prayer warrior and intercessor as part of the Global Outpouring, formerly Endtime Handmaidens and Servants, an international Missionary organization serving over 50 nations. Her passionate love for salvation of all souls compels her to travel beyond America, even to the continent of Africa, to preach the Gospel and Love of Jesus Christ our Lord. Michelle loves the Lord and believes in miracles, signs, and wonders. Praise and Worship is the very essence of who she is.

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